Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Greece (photos)

Hey Chicago! Southside Artists want your bum... show up this weekend at the Annual Art on Cardboard Exhibit.

Nearly 30 artists including Carl Virgo, Lisa Yu, Jacob Smith, Daniel Mejia, Rodrigo Avila, John Salhus, Allan Pocius, Bob Taylor, Duk Ju L. Kim, Tricia Moreau Sweeney, Olivia Ortega, Matt Robinson, Shelby Donnelly, Brian Wells, Ryan Quigley, Steven Stankowicz, Blair Gauntt, Eric Young Smith, Nick Depeder, David Bortman, Ken Bortman, Peter Schoenmann, Steven Badauskas, Chris Carl, Keith Pastrick, Mike Kranz, Gabriel Villa and Viv_E.

The Birdhouse Museum Presents April Love 2006
The Annual Artwork on Cardboard Exhibit
2 Days Only: Friday, April 28, 6-11pm and Saturday April 29, 6-11pm
3143-45 South Morgan Street, Chicago

Churchbus and Hotel Brotherhood play closing ceremonies... each artist has thirteen 6x9 pieces, all on cardboard. the artist sets his/her own price, and in the past, most of the art has been extremely affordable ($35 and up). this show got mention in this month's chicago magazine-- come friday night if you want a good selection to buy from, this show is hot!!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Εάν δεν έχετε τους εγκεφάλους ακολουθείτε την ίδια διαδρομή δύο φορές.

Probably won't post for Disclexington the rest of this week and next. Tricia and I are going to Greece. We are visiting friends Bethany and Philippe le Sager and their son Lucas. Philippe is a good source for things musical and artistic. I leave you with some ruminations from Philippe on internet p.o.i's written in both french and "hillbilly Texan."

Je ne surfe plus tant que ca ces jours-ci. Mes visites quotidiennes (of the mirror eye, apod, et quelques autres) veulent changer de rythme. Je les comprends.

Et s'il n'en reste qu'un, ce sera le très humain David F ( Il est en tournée aux US, mais ce sera probablement finit quand vous lirez ces lignes. Alors, allez lire son

Un must. En un mot: GENEREUX. Oui j'ai bien dit GENEREUX, même en ces temps de surdosage d'information. Non, non, pas d'album entier a télécharger, mais bien mieux, beaucoup mieux: des grandes photos, un amour de la musique dans tous ces genres. La liste est longue, allez voir par vous même, je suis sur que vous y trouverez une perle. C'est très vivant, des news, y compris des francaises, des liens, des commentaires, au jour le jour, des curiosités, une pointe d'humour. Et j'encourage les potes ricains à le lire, même s'il ne comprennent pas un dixième de ce qu'il s'y raconte, c'est le meilleur moyen d'apprendre le francais. Ca peut vous aider à booker un hotel à santorini. Entre-autres. Et surtout, surtout de decouvrir agréablement LA musique.
Des images, encore des images, toujours des images. Chercher sur deviantART or flickr, ca fatigue... tant de rien. Mais l'animation peut reconcilier certains. Une visite chez ( tout en couleur (navigue et poses toi), ou chez <------N-A-I-L-S------> ( (click, click, click et click) vous changera les idées.

Et pour finir, une mention spéciale, toute nostalgique, d'un type de dessin qui m'a beaucoup attiré vers le debut des années 90. Ambre ( en est un bon exemple (tout plein a télécharger), et Strates pour ilustrer (

a+, ph
(hillbilly) texan version:
I don't surf so much nowdays. My daily visits (of the mirror eye, apod, and few others) want to change rythm. I understand them.If there is one left, it would be David F ( He is on tour in the US, but that will probably be over when you will
be reading this. So, go read him. A must, as we say in french. He is generous. Very GENEROUS. Yes, it's possible in those times of information overdose. NO, there is not one lp to download, but something a lot better: with big pictures, a love for all kind of music (as long as it's good). Check
it, i am sure you will discover something you'll love. Even some french music (!wat zat!). The guy has humour and humility. And you can learn french. It can help booking an hotel on santorini for example. Among others.

Looking for images on deviantART or flickr can become very tiring... so much of nothing. Here are some things more or less animated than can change your mind:
( full on colors (find the animations and just watch), and <------N-A-I-L-S------> ( (click, click, click and click). The latter is
not franch (or maybe she is, who knows, who cares), but i like the butcher.

Last, some nostalgy: a type of drawing I fell in love with in the early 90's. Ambre ( gives a good example. Try his Strates ( and tell me.

Long life to churchbus!
see ya, dgrud

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Something to ponder while disclexington goes on vacation

Chicago disciples of Ray Johnson, or just plain people who like to send art as mail, have something to look forward to the last weekend of April. The Birdhouse Museum holds its fourth Artwork on Cardboard Exhibit, which this year is entitled April Love 2006.

Many past participants are present again including the Chicago co-hosts Allan Pocius, John Salhus and Carl Virgo. Other past contributors back again this year include Bob Taylor, Duk Ju L. Kim, Lisa Yu, Jacob Smith, Steven Stankowitz and Daniel Mejia. I'm looking forward to a couple of newcomers - Tricia Moreau Sweeney and Viv E.

The Birdhouse Museum Artwork on Cardboard events are inspired by the Correspondence Art movement however mailing the art is no longer a Birdhouse requirement. This has allowed the artists to go 3D like last year's Time Bombs which are functioning analog clocks (it also allows the artists procrastination time so watch out for wet paint). Nevertheless some of the art will actually be mailed to the gallery. John Salhus mailed his pieces from Paris.

Over 25 artists will present at this year's show which is a Birdhouse record. Considering that each artist is required to bring 13 6"x8" pieces that's a lot of art to look at. With so much work every armchair art critic is sure to find something interesting.

Bring a little cash because this is affordable art that's worth hanging and many of these artists are going places. You don't really need the cash since the art remains on the wall until after the show - you can reserve pieces you like.

I was honored to participate last year with the first "animated" entry and my first visual art show. I even sold a few pieces - what a feeling! Traded a few more and bought several so we have enough cardboard art to fill an entire room including pieces from Houston's Keith Reynolds and posters by Keith Herzik and Kathleen Judge. It's incredible how much cardboard art is out there once you are aware.

My "animated" piece from last year is on the churchbus audio/video page ("Manny"). Speaking of churchbus, for the third year in a row churchbus will close out the Cardboard Artwork Exhibit Saturday April 29th with Hotel Brotherhood.

The Birdhouse Museum Annual Artwork on Cardboard Exhibit
April 28 & 29th
3143-45 S. Morgan St Chicago, IL


Friday, April 07, 2006

Studs Speaks

Lucid as ever, Studs Terkel speaks out in the Chicago Tribune today. The times they are a changing brothers and sisters. Hurricane winds a blowing. Feels good to be alive with brother Studs. I think I'll go uptown this weekend.

Monday, April 03, 2006

New Track du Jour: Hotel Brotherhood

Artist: Hotel Brotherhood
Track: They Lion Grow
Location: Chicago - Disclexington Sunken Monastery Studio
Date: 04-03-2006
Comment: Friends of the Brotherhood have jokingly suggested they change their name to the Cashiola Brothers. Like their actual band name, the joke is an obvious double-entendre. Two of the founding members are indeed brothers with the last name Cashiola. The word cashiola, on the other hand, implies a capitalistic sensibility which Hotel Brotherhood (as a band name and as a band) does not. This song, Ross Cashiola's expert re-working of the Philip Levine poem They Feed They Lion, is exemplary of the Brotherhood's creed. The original poem written by a white fellow who worked Detroit factory jobs mano a mano with blacks during the racially tumultuous late 60's is well worth study in its own right. Thank you Hotel Brotherhood for bringing it back into focus (I thoroughly enjoyed Levine's other work linked to his poem above; "Gin" being a favorite).

"An energy of despair rises in the poem, ominous yet expansive, deadly, yet almost joyful" these words from the Poetry in Review are regarding "They Feed They Lion" but the same could be said of a Hotel Brotherhood set. Their music is catchy yet sad at once. You are sure to hear more from them here. They just wrapped up a recording session at the Sunken Monastery Studio as part of an eight artist compilation project. Hotel Brotherhood will be travelling with churchbus down to Texas in May, opening at the Proletariat in Houston May 13th. Be sure to check them out.

click below to listen (requires FLASH)...
track du jour