Monday, June 26, 2006

North by Northwest

Keep up with the Sweeneys this summer on a photo excursion from the middle to the Northwest and back again.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Meeting Notes

Here are notes I jotted down over the four years and four months I worked at Sears. I left them in B6-256B in case they're helpful to followers.

Hey Chicago! Hey Cleveland!

Friday Night - Erin's 30th Birthday. The Spoken Four, Shellshag, THE LATEST at Fireside Bowl 2648 W Fullerton Ave, Chicago, IL 60601. Show starts at 10 PM

Saturday Night - June, 24 2006 at The Tower 9521 Madison, Cleveland, OH 44101 Cost: $3-5 donation with Shell Shag and X Bolex BYOB

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Come bowl with THE LATEST Friday Night

Bob's old hanging buddy, Johnny Driver will be in town with his Brooklyn punk/no wave duo Shellshag. Also playing Friday night, Chicago's own grrl rockers the Spoken Four.

Come on out and set a spell.

The Fireside is at 2648 W. Fullerton. Show starts early, doors at 8 PM.

Monday, June 19, 2006

New Track du Jour

Track: Under the Understanding
Location: El Goodo Audio (Chicago,IL)
Date: 06-17-2006
Comment:This track was recorded in 2005 with Andrius Jutzi on drums. His last effort with us before leaving the band because his work life was consuming him. Andrius does set work for the TV show "Prison Break." The show's been a hit so it looks like Andrius made a good choice. We recorded at least 14 tracks on two very cold and blustery days in early 2005. Bob's putting them out on his own label Recent Records. We should have the cd's this week, expect a CD Release party in August or September. You can check out other tracks from this session on THE LATEST audio page. The flash video Blackhole was recorded at these sessions, as was the music for THE LATEST video game "Why Fight It?"

Email me if you want a CD - it's really good and I can hook you up.
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track du jour

Saturday, June 17, 2006

When I walk out my front door...

...I can walk into the street right in front of me and ride a pony or slide down a three story slide or ride a ferris wheel and see the tops of all my neighbors' houses. That's because our neighborhood street festival is going on this weekend. Aside from the sudden transition from a quiet residential block to carnie central, my favorite thing about the Heart of Italy Food & Wine Street Festival is the main stage. Last year the main event was none other than Frankie Avalon, two years ago it was the Big Ragoo. The night, however, is always stolen by the Rat Pack impersonators. Don't forget for Father's Day - Sinatra Sunday baby.

New highlight hanging with the joyous nuns from Mother Teresa's Missionaries of Charity who recently took over St. Michael's church and rectory three doors down.

New Improvements - actually the festival over all seems much improved from previous years with new and better rides for the kiddies, better craft booths (I like the one with the venetian masks) and better food (in the past they couldn't keep up with the canoli demand).

Photos by Tricia Moreau Sweeney
#1 & 2 Snake wins a stuffed amphibian for Paloma
#3 When in Rome
#4 Girls

Monday, June 12, 2006

THE LATEST at Electrical Audio (Albini's place)

THE LATEST recorded yesterday at Steve Albini's studio Electrical Audio. Mr. Albini was there but he wasn't wearing his trademark jumpsuit because he wasn't working. He was studying a poker match and from a peek at the collection of books and videos on the subject, lying around the studio, he's quite a poker buff.

Our engineer was Robert Daniels, owner/operator of el Goodo Audio and reknown ProTools Wizard. Yes, we recorded to ProTools, even though I saw two 2" 24 track machine and a whole lot of tape. Even Albini has gone digital at least some if the time. Right now Electrical Audio rents out the gear from el Goodo when it's needed.

Let me tell you something about THE LATEST. We are no slackers. Thanks to Bob Taylor's carefully constructed songs and his ability to belt them out tight and rocking as many times as needed, we were able to lay down 12 songs in one day. We do have some overdubs to do but still, the raw stuff is there.

Another amazing thing about THE LATEST, we've got another whole album under our belts that is coming out this month. Jaysus, that's exciting.

I hope to get some of these cuts up as track du jours soon.

Albini's place is great by the way and a very relaxing place to record. It has a homey hangout area complete with a dormitory, kitchen, shower etc... They have a billiard table but the kind without pockets and I don't know how to play that kind. Anyway we were too busy most of the time to play billiards. The main recording room has a 32' ceiling. We put 12 mikes on the drums. We got a BIG sound woooweeee lemme tell you. Robert tried several mikes on the guitar amps but fell back to the trusty old SM57. I just love that mike and now I can say I use the same guitar mikes as EA.

Alright then, rock on.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

New Track du Jour

Artist: Brillo
Track: NutSack
Location: Chicago
Date: 08-07-2006

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track du jour

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

the Infernal Bridegroom and Daniel Johnston

It was inevitable that IBP and Daniel Johnston meet don't you think?

In many ways the timing couldn't be better. IBP began work on their Daniel Johnston Rock Opera before the latest DJ resurgence. Of course they can't help but get caught up in all the fanfare, and so far for the better. Anyway, the show's a success in its own right.

Lucky Houstonians (and those Austinites willing to break down mental barriers) have a choice when exploring their local troubadour's life and work. They can head to the Warehouse district and catch the revue or they can get heavy with the flick.

Big Kudos to Jason Nodler and the rest of the IBP Troupe. I just wish I could be there for it.

I've heard it suggested more than once that they should keep this show running an indefinite amount of time. That sounds silly at first but the Neofuturists have been doing one show 50 weeks of the year since 1988. They're just asking to be taken down.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Hey Cleveland!

New Town Drunks (Chapel Hill) and churchbus (Chicago) play Moe's Bar & Grill Saturday June 3rd with local hero Beckett & Friends.

We will also be enjoying your Rock and Roll Hall of Shame on Sunday if you care to join us.

Come out.