Thursday, September 29, 2005

Swearing at THE LATEST

Tuesday night at Schuba's was a hit.  THE LATEST started things off with a short tight set to much approval from the generous crowd - a nice size gathering especially for a Tuesday night which didn't let up from the first power chords of THE LATEST's "Plush Boys" to the last note ringing out of Dave Doughman's telecaster.  In between Love Story in Blood Red bounced back and forth between lonely break up songs and happy break up songs with the greatest of ease.  Jason Frederick of LSiBR has a great voice that can jump up to a pretty high C and drop down real low in seconds flat.  It was great to see the M's hanging out, kings of Schuba's that they are (look for their next release out on Polyvinyl soon!).  Thanks to all for coming!

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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Trailer's Up

The Wormwood "Pitch and Tone" Movie Trailer is up on Jacob Smith of churchbus is in it. He's the guy who asks Judge if he listens to Billy Joel. Jake's a visual artist, a bassist, an unwitting TinTin impersonator and now an actor. What a well rounded guy.

Don't forget - Schuba's Tuesday night 9 PM.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Next Tuesday You Better Be There

THE LATEST opens for Swearing at Motorists and Love Story in Blood Red at Schuba's Tavern, Tuesday September 27th.  It'll be a day of sweet confluence for us and you better be there.  For one thing, this is the Latest's Schubas debut (sort of Holy Grail type of experience going on here).  Secondly it's a chance to share the stage with Kris Poulin's outfit Love Story in Blood Red.  Kris recorded the Latest's first album and this Saturday he's heading over to the Sunken Monastery to teach churchbus how to use their 8-Track machine.  Anyway I digress, LSIBR has a clean pop sound. They've been compared to the Kinks and the Modern Lovers and I can hear that, but listen for yourself why don't you? Finally we share the stage with Swearing at Motorists a duo turned trio turned nomads originally out of Dayton, Ohio (with the I-was-there-badge and Guided By Voices connections to prove it). Here's a nice little interview with Dave Doughman of Swearing at Motorists reminiscing about the old Dayton Scene, sort of disc-lexington-ian in spirit.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

last week next week

Last week's Wormwood benefit at the Hideout was splendid. I was expecting a good time of course.

It was a chance to see the Spoken Four with their new guitarist/vocalist, Susie Gomez. I've seen Susie do her own thing at the California Clipper a couple of years ago so I knew she was good. Losing a key player* just as things are taking off can really hurt a band. I'm glad Susie's filling Kimberly's shoes so well. She did some of Kimberly's riffs note for note adding her own flair. The band was generous enough to throw in a couple of Susie's original tunes which were quite nice. She and Sarah have a great harmony together. Sarah's a more natural singer than Kimberly but that's the last comparison I'm gonna make because the Spoken Four sure weren't hurting with Kimberly in the line up. Good job!

The LATEST put on a great show several decibels lower than Bill Roe's debut on drums at Cal's last month. It made for a much better show because it's just terrible when the vocals are lost with a band like that.

Hotel Brotherhood put on a great show too and left me highly anticipating the show at the Gallery on Oct 14th with Churchbus.

The Wormwood folks showed a trailer for the film they are working on. It did exactly what a good trailer should - makes you want to see the movie. The trailer had a couple of funny moments and a couple of moments so strange that I can't wait to see what the heck was going on. Look for "Pitch and Tone" some time in the future hopefully before the actors are too old to enjoy their success.

Next Week the LATEST finally make their Schuba's debut opening for Ohio's Swearing at Motorists. More on that show later but put it on your calendar. The LATEST deserve the attention from this venue, one of Chicago's finest. They need your support!

*Kimberly's husband's job took them to St. Louis.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Fwd: Re: Movie Benefit

ross cashiola wrote:
Date: Sat, 10 Sep 2005 16:59:25 -0700 (PDT)
From: ross cashiola
Subject: Re: Movie Benefit
To: Kilian Sweeney
this is the premise. Judge is looking for a free
piano, but there are so many strings attatched. The
search lands Judge in some ackward,funny, and moving
situations. Maybe Judge isn't looking for a piano,
but something else entirely. if you want to give a
brief synopsis this could be it. Thanks killer. ross

--- Kilian Sweeney wrote:

> Hey Guys - what would you like said about the
> benefit/movie if perchance one were promoting it?
> Looking forward to next week at the Hideout.
> Oh, you guys interested in playing Fri Oct 14th at
> Gallery Caberet?

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the Spoken Four

Also playing this Monday (Sept 12th | 8 PM) at the HideOut is the Spoken Four who not so long ago recorded their first demo at Disclexington's Sunken Monastery Studio.  We put one of those tracks up as a tdj (You can download the mp3 from the Audio History link). 
They've since replaced the Sunken Monastery tracks on their MySpace site with some stuff recorded on an analog voice recorder.  What does this say about the Monastery? You be the judge. Compare! Contrast!
They remind me of Throwing Muses and then, sometimes Black Sabbath.
Come, bask in the Spoken Four's ambitiously exuberant rock and roll.

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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Wormwood Movie Benefit

THE LATEST plays this Monday, September 12th (9 PM) at the Hideout to benefit Wormwood Industries.  Wormwood Industries is in the midst of movie making and this requires your dough. 
The movie is about a man who answers "Free Piano" ads in the newspapers and that leads him on many adventures.
Go.  If you wish to see what becomes of this man.
Also playing, Hotel Brotherhood who haven't heard a bad Palace Brothers song.  They take over where Townes Van Zandt left off as best as any two brothers from Baltimore (and one lonesome steel player) can.  The Cashiola Brothers song-smithin', singin' and pluckin' just gets better and better the longer they plow their trade.
Come out.  Support the arts.  New Orleans ain't getting any dryer, you know.  Oh, and do your part.

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Sunday, September 04, 2005

The City of New Orleans

There's much speculation as to the future of the once great city of New Orleans.
Let's pay that no heed shall we? 
I'll be driving through on my way from Chicago to Houston in late December and plan to stop at Cafe du Monde no matter when we pull into town.  Mmmmm I can taste the chicory now.
One good morning, and it couldn't be too soon let me tell you, the city of New Orleans will most certainly rise again.
I'm almost willing to bet a Lucky Dog that HeadAche City will make its October 30th gig at the 2nd Annual "The Rockening."  Even if those that govern rockenings already plan to move it to Memphis.
Signs of Hope from the AP (09/04/2005):
"Amid the tragedy, about two dozen people gathered in the French Quarter for the Decadence Parade, an annual Labor Day gay celebration. Matt Menold, 23, a street musician wearing a sombrero and a guitar slung over his back, said: "It's New Orleans, man. We're going to celebrate.'"

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Thursday, September 01, 2005

churchbus recording

Churchbus is midway through recording its sophomore effort,Beauty. We hope to have a song on the site in a week or two, maybe a track du jour.

A notable feature of this release will be the debut of recording artist, Paloma Mekong Smith. Paloma lay down some tracks this past Tuesday and gave a command performance. She seems quite happy in front of the mike. We see rapid artistic maturation in the very near future.

When Paloma learns how to speak, we shall interview her here.

In the meantime, have you rummaged through the churchbus audio/video files? Go to the "New Demo" Yahoo! Briefcase. Four songs are multi-track sessions recorded for varying purposes. "Manny" was recorded as accompaniment to a video piece (the video is also download-able). "In this World" is an old de Schmog song re-worked in honor of Einstein's Miracle Year. Albert had some interesting things to say about the state of human affairs, let alone his contributions to the world of physics. "Red" and "Elm Street" are works of churchbus' Ohio-Farm Boy/Carpenter/Organist, Erin Edmister. They are songs of his upbringing in the Ohio Valley. The rest of the stuff in the "New Demo" Briefcase are games. Songs written arranged and recorded in fifteen minute periods with designated instruments, genres and themes being drawn from a hat.

My personal favorites: "Blue Hot Summer," "Plum Walking," "Eia au ke kali nei," "Al Ate Four Fish."