Wednesday, September 21, 2005

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Last week's Wormwood benefit at the Hideout was splendid. I was expecting a good time of course.

It was a chance to see the Spoken Four with their new guitarist/vocalist, Susie Gomez. I've seen Susie do her own thing at the California Clipper a couple of years ago so I knew she was good. Losing a key player* just as things are taking off can really hurt a band. I'm glad Susie's filling Kimberly's shoes so well. She did some of Kimberly's riffs note for note adding her own flair. The band was generous enough to throw in a couple of Susie's original tunes which were quite nice. She and Sarah have a great harmony together. Sarah's a more natural singer than Kimberly but that's the last comparison I'm gonna make because the Spoken Four sure weren't hurting with Kimberly in the line up. Good job!

The LATEST put on a great show several decibels lower than Bill Roe's debut on drums at Cal's last month. It made for a much better show because it's just terrible when the vocals are lost with a band like that.

Hotel Brotherhood put on a great show too and left me highly anticipating the show at the Gallery on Oct 14th with Churchbus.

The Wormwood folks showed a trailer for the film they are working on. It did exactly what a good trailer should - makes you want to see the movie. The trailer had a couple of funny moments and a couple of moments so strange that I can't wait to see what the heck was going on. Look for "Pitch and Tone" some time in the future hopefully before the actors are too old to enjoy their success.

Next Week the LATEST finally make their Schuba's debut opening for Ohio's Swearing at Motorists. More on that show later but put it on your calendar. The LATEST deserve the attention from this venue, one of Chicago's finest. They need your support!

*Kimberly's husband's job took them to St. Louis.

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