Thursday, September 29, 2005

Swearing at THE LATEST

Tuesday night at Schuba's was a hit.  THE LATEST started things off with a short tight set to much approval from the generous crowd - a nice size gathering especially for a Tuesday night which didn't let up from the first power chords of THE LATEST's "Plush Boys" to the last note ringing out of Dave Doughman's telecaster.  In between Love Story in Blood Red bounced back and forth between lonely break up songs and happy break up songs with the greatest of ease.  Jason Frederick of LSiBR has a great voice that can jump up to a pretty high C and drop down real low in seconds flat.  It was great to see the M's hanging out, kings of Schuba's that they are (look for their next release out on Polyvinyl soon!).  Thanks to all for coming!

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