Thursday, September 01, 2005

churchbus recording

Churchbus is midway through recording its sophomore effort,Beauty. We hope to have a song on the site in a week or two, maybe a track du jour.

A notable feature of this release will be the debut of recording artist, Paloma Mekong Smith. Paloma lay down some tracks this past Tuesday and gave a command performance. She seems quite happy in front of the mike. We see rapid artistic maturation in the very near future.

When Paloma learns how to speak, we shall interview her here.

In the meantime, have you rummaged through the churchbus audio/video files? Go to the "New Demo" Yahoo! Briefcase. Four songs are multi-track sessions recorded for varying purposes. "Manny" was recorded as accompaniment to a video piece (the video is also download-able). "In this World" is an old de Schmog song re-worked in honor of Einstein's Miracle Year. Albert had some interesting things to say about the state of human affairs, let alone his contributions to the world of physics. "Red" and "Elm Street" are works of churchbus' Ohio-Farm Boy/Carpenter/Organist, Erin Edmister. They are songs of his upbringing in the Ohio Valley. The rest of the stuff in the "New Demo" Briefcase are games. Songs written arranged and recorded in fifteen minute periods with designated instruments, genres and themes being drawn from a hat.

My personal favorites: "Blue Hot Summer," "Plum Walking," "Eia au ke kali nei," "Al Ate Four Fish."


igotmoxie said...

erin edmister!
i went to school with him at OU.
man, was he adorable.
still is evidently.

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