Friday, September 23, 2005

Next Tuesday You Better Be There

THE LATEST opens for Swearing at Motorists and Love Story in Blood Red at Schuba's Tavern, Tuesday September 27th.  It'll be a day of sweet confluence for us and you better be there.  For one thing, this is the Latest's Schubas debut (sort of Holy Grail type of experience going on here).  Secondly it's a chance to share the stage with Kris Poulin's outfit Love Story in Blood Red.  Kris recorded the Latest's first album and this Saturday he's heading over to the Sunken Monastery to teach churchbus how to use their 8-Track machine.  Anyway I digress, LSIBR has a clean pop sound. They've been compared to the Kinks and the Modern Lovers and I can hear that, but listen for yourself why don't you? Finally we share the stage with Swearing at Motorists a duo turned trio turned nomads originally out of Dayton, Ohio (with the I-was-there-badge and Guided By Voices connections to prove it). Here's a nice little interview with Dave Doughman of Swearing at Motorists reminiscing about the old Dayton Scene, sort of disc-lexington-ian in spirit.

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