Sunday, September 25, 2005

Trailer's Up

The Wormwood "Pitch and Tone" Movie Trailer is up on Jacob Smith of churchbus is in it. He's the guy who asks Judge if he listens to Billy Joel. Jake's a visual artist, a bassist, an unwitting TinTin impersonator and now an actor. What a well rounded guy.

Don't forget - Schuba's Tuesday night 9 PM.


Ph said...

just listened to the all churchbus album for my commute this morning - love it! Already want to listen to it again!
Yeah, JS rocks (remember the slidebass at the art gallery cabaret in april 2004?)

Kilian said...

Thanks! We're almost done with our sophomore effort "Beauty." Should be posting those tracks soon. We've moved on from that already too. Our third release is going to 1/2" 8 track analog. The Sunken Monastery Studio has never looked so cool. Fun!

Luv ya.