Thursday, September 08, 2005

Wormwood Movie Benefit

THE LATEST plays this Monday, September 12th (9 PM) at the Hideout to benefit Wormwood Industries.  Wormwood Industries is in the midst of movie making and this requires your dough. 
The movie is about a man who answers "Free Piano" ads in the newspapers and that leads him on many adventures.
Go.  If you wish to see what becomes of this man.
Also playing, Hotel Brotherhood who haven't heard a bad Palace Brothers song.  They take over where Townes Van Zandt left off as best as any two brothers from Baltimore (and one lonesome steel player) can.  The Cashiola Brothers song-smithin', singin' and pluckin' just gets better and better the longer they plow their trade.
Come out.  Support the arts.  New Orleans ain't getting any dryer, you know.  Oh, and do your part.

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