Saturday, June 17, 2006

When I walk out my front door...

...I can walk into the street right in front of me and ride a pony or slide down a three story slide or ride a ferris wheel and see the tops of all my neighbors' houses. That's because our neighborhood street festival is going on this weekend. Aside from the sudden transition from a quiet residential block to carnie central, my favorite thing about the Heart of Italy Food & Wine Street Festival is the main stage. Last year the main event was none other than Frankie Avalon, two years ago it was the Big Ragoo. The night, however, is always stolen by the Rat Pack impersonators. Don't forget for Father's Day - Sinatra Sunday baby.

New highlight hanging with the joyous nuns from Mother Teresa's Missionaries of Charity who recently took over St. Michael's church and rectory three doors down.

New Improvements - actually the festival over all seems much improved from previous years with new and better rides for the kiddies, better craft booths (I like the one with the venetian masks) and better food (in the past they couldn't keep up with the canoli demand).

Photos by Tricia Moreau Sweeney
#1 & 2 Snake wins a stuffed amphibian for Paloma
#3 When in Rome
#4 Girls

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