Tuesday, June 06, 2006

the Infernal Bridegroom and Daniel Johnston

It was inevitable that IBP and Daniel Johnston meet don't you think?

In many ways the timing couldn't be better. IBP began work on their Daniel Johnston Rock Opera before the latest DJ resurgence. Of course they can't help but get caught up in all the fanfare, and so far for the better. Anyway, the show's a success in its own right.

Lucky Houstonians (and those Austinites willing to break down mental barriers) have a choice when exploring their local troubadour's life and work. They can head to the Warehouse district and catch the revue or they can get heavy with the flick.

Big Kudos to Jason Nodler and the rest of the IBP Troupe. I just wish I could be there for it.

I've heard it suggested more than once that they should keep this show running an indefinite amount of time. That sounds silly at first but the Neofuturists have been doing one show 50 weeks of the year since 1988. They're just asking to be taken down.

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