Friday, August 25, 2006

The Return of Brando

Brandon Holbrook - loving husband, father, web guru, and lead guitarist of de Schmog - now has a MySpace page. Holler at him will you? Let him know his presence is felt.

He is doing a noble thing these days, giving de Schmog a MySpace home. Check it out. If you can, please comply with his request for photos and other de Schmog memorabilia.

You see, de Schmog being one of those pre-internet bands, the digital material is just now slowly emerging. With that in mind, we also have an outstanding request for an mp3 version of the Fairy Tale for the free online deSchmogabase. If you can provide that, your deed will be appreciated by tens if not twenties of deLighted fans.


Ramon Medina - LP4 said...

Niiiiiice imaage!!!!!

: )

God knows where my copy went of fairytale. Somewhere out there is my cassette suitcase filled with old Houston K7 gems.

Anonymous said...

Yo! This is Brando. I need the entire Brady Bunch image (from the EP) for the de Schmog myspace page!

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