Wednesday, October 04, 2006

JW Apple Jr. - he was my man

One of the great journalists of our time passed away today in Washington. Mr. J W Apple Jr. was a man who knew how to live. He was known for his political correspondence but in his later years, given a lot of leeway at the Times due to his superiority in almost every aspect of his profession, Johnny Apple wrote more and more about what he wanted to write about instead of what the headlines dictated -that's my man! That meant more (as the Times put it) "bourbon and bacon, potatoes and tomatoes, langoustines and mangosteens, barbecue and Bouillabaisse, New Orleans and New Zealand."

I can respect a man who keeps a personal pepper mill in his ready-go bag.

The New York Times obit is the one to read. The Times also has a tribute video on the frontpage of their site.

Good-bye Johnny.

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