Saturday, January 20, 2007

another bonus song from the new Disclexington compilation

This special listen goes out to you bloggettes and you only thanks for reading.


From our Nonalignment Pact post -

A decidedly all-girl rock band who are hot and rock and they would like you to recognize that little fact. BroadTosser sounds like the Throwing Muses throwing down with Black Sabbath. Recently they've been recording a new demo as a three piece with lots of tricky studio stuff on it. When they recorded for Disclexington they were still a four piece. I like their new direction but I am also deeply satisfied with the pureness of Sarah's voice captured only on the Ed release.

P.S. Get you a copy of the Disclexington compilation here. The price is right (8 bucks including shipping!). This price may go away as distribution is ironed out so hurry. :- )

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