Sunday, June 03, 2007

Dislexington Flea Market

Okay so. No bidders for the Ed, 8 Bands on an 8 Track compilation with a book of American plays from the 1940's OR Ed, 8 Bands on an 8 Track compilation with a shoe dryer. So. The next, now auction is for Ed, 8 Bands on an 8 Track compilation and a, um...let's see. Okay gimme a day to think about it.


Anonymous said...

Hey how 'bout including a photo of your gash?

Kilian said...

Oh you wish big boy. Never!

Anonymous said...

Being very busy recently I missed the previous auctions. However I already have a copy of Ed. And I love it! And I invite everybody to get it, they won't regret it. Pretty good job you did there.
Also I like the new design of disclexintgon site. But I am frustrated : I cannot find a discography of churchbus. How can I know if I, fan of the completist kind, have all they did record/distribute a way or another?

Can't wait to see u soon (btw we'll have to check out diCorcia at ICA boston). will take some days off at that time.

Kilian said...

Looking forward to seeing you ph, dicorcia sure thing.

ph you will know when you have heard the churchbus discography and I will be sure to make sure that you surely do.