Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Morning Commute: Entry Eighteen:

Some lyrics I wrote on the commute...

Manny liked to run. He had a theory...
running tells the body, it is in danger.
Manny believed that this is good for your heart, you see?

Manny ran bezerkly,
as if something dark and scary was hunting him.

That was a problem because Manny lived in the bustling city.

It would also be a problem in the country
because dark and scary things
have a tendency
to be attracted to things
that run bezerkly

The cops stopped him, padded him down for loot.
A would-be hero took out his neighbor
he thought was in pursuit.

A van hospitalized him,
nearly paralyzed him,
de-theorized him.

Manny's heart kept pumping anyway.

That was a problem because...
Manny truly was being hunted by a dark and scary thing.