Thursday, March 31, 2005

Morning Commute: Entry Twenty-One

I haven't commuted all week. I mean, I've gone to work (except Tuesday when I worked remotely) but I didn't take public transit. I drove.

I listened to music on the drive. Some of it (about 45 seconds) I wrote and recorded myself. It's a personal song I wrote but not for me. I wrote it for a guy I will call Joey who asked me and others to write a personal song; to record it to analog four track; in a place that I do not normally record things; and to give it to him for a compilation. I like the song I recorded. I play piano which I don't normally do but I played it well. After all I only had to play good for 45 seconds. I listened to that song over and over in the car on the way to work today, and yesterday.

The other songs I listened to, I also recorded. But that is a trick answer because I recorded them to CD from vinyl 45's. They are not my songs in that I did not write them or play them or anything like that. I was surprised at some of the 45's I happen to own, like Really Red, Thirteen Floor Elevators, and Carl Perkins. I did not know I owned any Carl Perkins.

But I do. And I like him.

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