Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Morning Commute: Entry Thirty-Two:

Commute Reading

Title: Humboldt's Gift

Author: Saul Bellow

Year Published: 1975

Overview and Reviews:

excellent tribute from former student -

novel overview -

Philip Roth's Rereading Saul Bellow (the New Yorker review also offers some explanation as to why Bellow chose to stay in Chicago) -

Personal Comment: Saul Bellow died this year. I read a Bellow's short story when I first moved to Chicago and always meant to read more. Salon did a nice couple of obit. pieces which reminded me. I sought out Humbodlt's Gift (because it is set in Chicago) and found an inexpensive paperback copy at Myopic Books in Wicker Park. Saul Bellow lived most of his life in Chicago although in his old age (in the early 1990's) he moved to Massachusetts, not without opining negatively on Chicago's violent racial discord.

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