Thursday, July 14, 2005

Morning Commute: Entry Thirty-Nine:

The commute was certainly different yesterday morning. I went with the Sears Associates Gospel Choir on a charter bus to Milwaukee, WI for the NAACP Annual Convention Gospel Night where they performed - also featured Pastor Shirley Caesar and Smokie Norful. I went as the photographer.

First of all, let me tell you...they do it up right on the church bus. Before the bus left the Sears grounds, I had a plate of ribs, chicken wings, catfish and hot sauce in my hands and a cold plastic bottle of Rev. Nicey's homemade lemonade.

We went to a Methodist church for rehearsal and then on to the Milwaukee Theater which is downtown and holds up to 4,ooo people. They didn't open up the balcony but the first tier seats were completely full so probably over 2,500 people there; 2,500 spiritually moved and excited people. I got to dance and clap my hands and take lots of photos. And everybody was just as nice as could be.

We didn't get back to Sears until after 1 AM and I didn't get home until after 2 AM but that's okay...I'm working from home today. So today's commute was just a couple dozen feet.


Justin said...

4,ooo? Is that like 4,000?

bethany said...

cool! i just love that gospel sound. did they have trampolines in the congregation like in the blues brothers? /hehe/. nice pic, btw.

you should ask your favorite singer to guest star on your next album (does it fit?) some of the best singers of all time had gospel backgrounds. i usisuppose that's just an opinion, but i just looooove soul music.