Monday, November 20, 2006

New Track du Jour

Artist: Brillo
Track: Whole Heart
Location: Sunken Monastery (Chicago,IL)
Date: 11-20-2006
Comment: Three years ago, two good friends had a baby born with Down Syndrome. It was very sad at first for everybody and scary because the boy was born with a hole in his heart. I was in a depression at the time myself and I usually sit down to write a song when I'm down. I had some familiarity with Down Syndrome though because Tricia's uncle -who is very sweet- also has DS. This is what I wrote and it's sappy ass has never seen the light of day until now. Lyrics follow:

I love your mom and dad
Two kind friends I have
and I want to meet you soon with my whole heart
tender in the things they do
I'm sure they love you too
and you'll want to love them back with your whole heart
your whole heart

I was saddened by the news
strangely not for you
it was for my own heart
still inside
you have the things that others need
kind words from family
and folks around who want the best start for you

I can give you this lullaby
you can have that part of me
you were denied
a hole must not run through it
to be empty inside
just remember this and it's alright
it's alright

Sadly enough, and this needs to be remedied soon, I have never met him.

track du jour

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