Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Funny things that happen on the internet

Several weeks ago I made a "click me" gif out of a photo Tricia took on our Pacific Northwest road trip. I stopped using it on the disclexington site but the image is still on

Anyway I was looking at a traffic report and noticed that several "hits" come from sites that have nothing what so ever to do with disclexington, except that folks are grabbing this "click me" image and using it for their own dealies. Like a comment you can find on this NOT-for-office-children myspace site.

The image is of a dog we met on our travels when we stayed with his owner who was generous enough to put us up one night on Wallowa Lake. Very friendly Oregonians. Good times.

So if you see this image out and about, now you know its story.

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Ramon Medina - LP4 said...

You know of course that the best prank to pull if a lot of people link to an image on your site - replacing the image with a particularly objectionable image in the same location and with the same name.