Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Hey Houston! Some Events Coming Up Soon

blog updated April 6th to add Poopy Longstuffing, Emerald Mystiek and Flakey to to the Cardboard Art Show. REALLY keep up with the Cardboard stuff here. Also, Brad will not be doing work for the show but will grace us with his entire body for the opening Friday the 13th.

blog updated March 31st to add Marie Catrett and Mike Switzer to the Cardboard Art Show

Thursday April 12th - Come out to Rudz for the Mathletes, Bright Men of Learning and the Redo Makeshift Honorary Band feature the boys in de Schmog, Ramon Medina from LP4, Mike Switzer, Joe Mathlete, Chris Bakos and others. Should be a good one!

Friday April 13th -
Cardboard Art Show at Super Happy Funland including work from many great Houston artists and some surprises, sponsored by the Birdhouse Museum.

This event ties nicely into a cardboard theme going on in Houston at this time. There's a Oiticica exhibit at the MFAH which features many of his works on cardboard. This exhibit is up until April 1st. I saw it over the holidays and really dug it. The main exhibit at the Menil from Feb 23rd to May 13th is Robert Rauschenberg - Cardboard and Related Pieces. How fitting! I'll definitely be going to that.

Cardboard Artists include but are not limited to:

Justin Crane - former KTRU DJ, musician and the creator of very clever and unique Christmas cards

Keith Reynolds - I own a self-portrait on cardboard of Keith's that I bought for five bucks maybe eight years ago. It was a steal. This is Houston's original cardboard artist.

Joe Mathlete - Check out Joe's blog and you'll see why he's got to be there.

Electramummy - used to bartend at Catal Huyuk and has her work online. She now lives in Alaska and is the dj for the Nonalignment Pact.

Joel Orr - Houston puppeteer and organizer.

Brad Moore - Brad Moore is the Breeze.

John Cramer - Houston psych-metal guitar wizard of Mike Gunn, Project Grimm fame.

Rosa Guerrero - Houston rock photographer and writer. Look out.

Allen Pocius - Chicago cardboard artist. The originator of the Birdhouse Museum series of cardboard art shows.

Denise Ramos - Houston artist and club proprietor.

YET Torres - Houston based artist

Marie Catrett - Austin Artist and Writer.

Mike Switzer - Houston musician, actor writer.

Saturday April 14th - The Infernal Bridegroom Productions 2007 Gala, the Tortured Artist Gala. I wormed my way into the gala band for this one. If you can afford it, support your local theater and come out! This will be a blast.


bethany said...

ack! i missed the deadline! i was invited to participate and got busy with my new baby and toddler instead.. dammit dammit...i am such a slacker. and i really wanted to do it, too. maybe i'll pull it out of my ass this week.

Mari Pool said...

wait, I'm a little confused. Are you and Tricia going to be in Houston at different times?

Anonymous said...

when, really when, will churchbus be playing in houston?

Anonymous said...

then I go down there

Kilian said...

Bethany - you only have eleven more to go and you can make a cardbrood series, yuk yuk.

Mari - We're going together but Tricia has to be back for an event in Chicago on the 13th and I am staying over the weekend.

illipe - malheursement, no churchbus this time.