Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Hey Houston! Keep that Date Open: NYE 2005.

A little early warning never hurt anyone (although it doesn't always help e.g. H-Katrina), particularly when it's regarding a great show friendship community and all that piffle. New Year's Eve at Rudz will be all about that my friends so reserve the date and come out early.

Natural disasters aside, the biggest event of 2005 for Houston and Chicago's southside was the World Series. I'm bound for H-town with a bunch of toddlin' southsiders this December to ask War's eternal question, "why can't we be friends?" I promise you we can.

Then Texas Guinness Lovers reunites and remind you it's better to be a drunk lover than a bar fighting man. We'll have some extra horns courtesy of churchbus and Infernal Bridegroom Productions. I can't wait. TGL hasn't played in five years! We'll have a couple of few practices under our belts and smell fresh as daisies, I promise you that my chums. Let's shine a little gospel light on our rendition of Rank Stranger this year with the addition of Erin Edmister on the churchbus organ.

All of this will be followed by the very best in Houston Rock: J.W. Americana. Holy Crap. I'd be at Rudyard's for JWA alone come NYE 2005.


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