Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Hey Austin! December 29th Room 710 BE thERE.

Greg Beets debuts his newest sensation, the Ron Titter Band, which from the sound of it takes Greg's songwriting from the adolescent venting of his past project, the Peenbeets, directly to the misguided torments of a "single for the third time" grown man. This is fitting. SeƱor Beets' lyrical gig bag is an excellent resource for the frustrated male, barren of romantic balladry. Although his work with Summer Breeze proves that he is fully capable in this arena (oh and once in his teens he took an early pathetic break-up song written by Yours Truly and turned it into something presentable, not quite as good as his own Big Boy's Christian Army but I handicapped him). Anyway, not one to croon a lover's tune, Greg (also of Noodle, Cheezus and formerly with the ingopods) smartly skips over the happy loving couple years (i.e. boring) right to what he does best. This time around, Greg is accompanied by Stinky Del Negro mastermind, Stinky Del Negro (aka David Wyatt, also of Solid Gold 40). I am titterlated.

I'm bussing some musicians down from Chicago for a meet and greet. Can I get an amen! The boys in the van are revved up to hang with bona fide Texans. I hope some will present themselves at the show.

For a grand finale you can't beat Attic Ted, San Marcos' only septuagenarian bohemian circus musicians. They will be fresh off tour so stinky and hot. Just how I like it.


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