Sunday, November 27, 2005

the M's begin a Monday Night Residency at Schubas

The M's have gone from being the nicest guys in Chicago music to the nicest pop stars in Chicago seemingly overnight. Their success looks deceivingly easy. Anyone who has been around them for the past four years will tell you, they have worked for it; practicing and recording tirelessly for a good chunk of that time in a musty Ukranian Village basement. Hard work pays off and the M's prove it. Tomorrow, they embark on a three week Monday Night residency at Schubas Tavern.

A Monday night gig might not seem like much, but in this case it is an honor. It is one of many great residencies at this Lake View tavern in a series they call "Practice Space."The residency idea is a good one and it should be picked up in other cities. The artists get a chance to stretch their creativity as well as a chance to select their own opening acts, lending other musicians a little hand-me-down limelight. For the M's this is familiar territory since they've been practicing over at Schubas anyway.

This week the M's share the stage with Baby Teeth who really don't need any hand-me-downs but it's a rare chance to see two great acts for cheap (only 6 bucks). Next week catch the M's with Stag Party featuring THE LATEST drummer Bill "Cococoma" Roe. Bill plays bass with SP.

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