Thursday, December 01, 2005

Kathleen Judge Part I

Kathleen Judge is a lover of grit. She makes Chicago her home and doesn't just deal with the city's intrinsic grime; she seeks it out. Judge welds and performs other dirt-producing acts of freelance labor. She moonlights at a smokey bar tucked into an industrial neighborhood on Chicago's north side. On her own time, she has been known to paint with rust (see example below) and produce large charcoal studies of junk yards. Recently Ms. Judge held a rare solo art show at her mechanic's garage. Kathleen makes grit a part of Culture not at all something to be ashamed of or masked.

Maybe you have seen her work already. Kathleen is a Concert Poster artist with a slew of show prints including many for her musical comrades. In her poster line up are shows for Kelly Hogan, Neko Case, Oscar Brown Jr., and many others who have graced Chicago's stages. Her poster art is silk screened and based on clay etchings (note the gritty nature of this medium - okay maybe I'm reaching a bit). The originals were recently on display at 3 Bros. Auto along with the 2006 Auto Shop Calendar that she created for the proprietor (a clever way to ensure good service). Recently I caught up with Ms. Judge via email, she agreed to answer a few questions though she warned me that typing is not her forte. Stay tuned for that interview here. In the meantime enjoy some of her art work.

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