Thursday, December 22, 2005

Friends in Texas (and Chicago too)

Friends in Texas I hope to see you Dec. 29th in Austin, New Year's Eve in Houston and if you're hungry fer lunch we're taking the churchbus to Driftwood on the 30th.

Tricia and I will be stopping off for a Beignet and a ninth ward tour some time on the 23rd so if you happen to be in the Big Muddy look for us on the patio.

Friends in Chicago, you might consider the Metro for your New Year's Eve celebration. New Pornographers headline backed by SubPop's newest uberpop sensation Rogue Wave. I played in a short-lived ill-timed misunderstood band with Gram Lebron who now plays guitar and keys for Rogue Wave. Gram shown a wickedly flickering energized lamp on Houston for a few years with his Club Safe Parking and his somber group schrasj. Now he gets to take that energy around the world. He also gets to meet and play with my friends the M's who open the show at Metro New Year's Eve. The M's themselves are on the move having just signed a contract with Polyvinyl Records (of Montreal, AM/FM). Their album comes out in February.

To all the bands on the road this winter - rock on!

To all my friends in Texas - CAN'T WAIT!


P.S. Check out the M's and Roque Wave (and hell even the New Pornographers) on MySpace. RW's rendition of Buddy Holly's "Every Day" is particularly catchy. And while you're on MySpace, check out churchbus' bastardization of a Doug Sahm song, Sexy Ranger Man.

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