Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Morning Commute: Entry Eleven:

A school boy studies his notes set in the small triangle created by his cross-legged position which he can afford because he is sitting in one of those three position seats at the front of the bus that can't hold more than two average-size people anyway.

His notes are a series of small words set in bubbles, most of which are connected to one another with pen lines. Some bubbles are set in a larger kidney shaped bubble. His notes resemble a population map of the United States, East to West through Utah. Most of the bubbles are crammed together on the right spreading thinner due West with a second congregation in the Chicago area and then much thinner with only a few in the kidney shaped bubble (aka the inhospitable Southwest region).

I am handed a free copy of the Red Eye at the entrance to the N. Western Blue Line train station. The Red Eye is an alternate edition of the Chicago Tribune marketed to younger readers. It is usually 25 cents and as one might expect much thinner than a regular paper. News never adorns the cover. Today it is consumed by Janet Jackson, announcing that she won't be in the SuperBowl half-time show (so in effect, she won't be making any news this week).

On the second page is a commentary by a staffwriter who just turned 36 which happened to me a few months back too. She feels very old and sorry for herself. She tries to fatten her lips with a medicinal product that only makes her cry. She then smears her face with mud but she still isn't satisfied until she seeks advise from her mother who tells her that if she doesn't want to see wrinkles she should stop looking at herself.

The next story is about an Iraqi Rebel group that put a photo of a toy soldier online claiming it was a captured U.S. combatant. I identified with something in the adjacent photo, particularly the little plastic gun up to Commander Cody's little head. I imagine that kids today might play with toy soldiers in such a manner - making them terrorist captives, decapitating them and what not.

The "Need to know" section claims we need to worry about the Pope's successor and Congress' indecency ruling. On the next page, it is announced that dePaul University made a deal so that their students can download mp3's for free.

The international page is called FYI World.

I like the weather icons - each square (1/day + 5 day/forecast) depicts the same chisel-faced winking guy. You can tell the weather by the condition of his quaff. If it's cold he dons a cap; if it's raining, his hair is drooping and soggy; if it's windy his hair blows around...you get the idea.

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