Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Morning Commute: Entry Nine:

Special Miami Beach Entry

It's trite to complain about the slowness of the hotel elevators in the context of the morning commute - a difference of one or two minutes to a three minute commute compared to the two hour commute in Chicago...BUT...these elevators are slow.

I take the stairs which are right by my room. The stairs have a sense of mystery and are not without their own set of frustrations. The first I tried only went up one flight. The second put me in the kitchen. I wandered around for three minutes trying in broken Spanish to ask the way out. The exit doors were right in front of me but I was hesitant because of the signs "Quiet! Meeting Taking Place." One more flight down drops you out on the street (I use this exit to run on the boardwalk, go to the pool, or head into town...la dee da). On the second floor you have to walk down a winding hall - nothing fancy, just white concrete with spare stage lighting parts strewn about. It reminds me of the scene in Spinal Tap when the band gets lost behind the stage trying to get to it.


Mari Pool said...

So, why are you in Miami Beach anyway? For a conference of some type, I'm sure, but what kind of conference? Do you get to go to any of P-Diddy's parties? I hear he throws the best ones...

Thanks for the nice comment on my morning commute post! I'm glad you liked it--it was written mostly for you.


Dermott said...

Software convention. Did you ever go to Lotusphere? It's the exact same format but a different product.

Miami Beach is nice - lots of rennovated art deco buildings and a couple of good delis that could be in midtown Manhattan (even the customers). Good Cuban food too. Boardwalk dominated by the 5 foot octogenarian Jewish set.

Bore yourself here:


Justin said...

You don't know slow elevators, my friend, until you've had the joy of standing in my building's lobby for several minutes waiting for one of the working elevators to finally come down. And when one finally does, it's either stuffed full because it's the only one running or it's one of four that show up at the same time.

Dermott said...

Justin - that's what these elevators were like but at least the prize was to jump into a spa or get fed, not get to my cubical. I miss the elevators at Interliant - those were so fast!