Sunday, October 16, 2005

Constructing Gender Deconstructing Rock

Dr. Michael A. Weinstein is 63. He's a professor of Political Science at Purdue University. He has published many books and essays. Dr. Weinstein (or Fellow Traveler as the rock world knows him) is also in a punk rock band - a punk band for whom one direct link to the establishment is not adequate (Vortis also features Chicago Sun Times Rock Critic/Sound Opinions Co-host Jim Derogatis). That's an impressive resume and to top it off Mr. Traveler is a sometimes Art Critic for New City which is the main reason I was thrilled that he spent the entire three hours of the "Chicago Artist's Month" Openings yapping it up at Schopf Gallery. He's reviewing Tricia's work in an upcoming New City so keep your eye out for that. Damn!

I'd say that alone made the Opening a success. It was well attended and it turned into a beautiful cool sunny weekend which was great for the Art Walk in general. We went back the next day and caught the Circle in Square contemporary dance troupe performing in front of Tricia's work. Two of the routines addressed the blurring of aggression and affection and worked well against Tricia's narrative photographs of couples fighting or hugging (deliberately impossible to know which it is).

Later Friday night we took the crew over to the Art Gallery Cabaret where Hotel Brotherhood played sweet and slightly-more-rocking-than-usual with Sam relinquishing the slide and lead guitar for bass ( I love the bottom end but miss Sam's subtle work on the other two). After that Al Pocius and company tore rock and roll a new asshole. It was lovely and sad at the same time, perhaps a perfect liaison to the Opening and ending of the night.


bethany said...

sure wish we could have been there! sounds like a great time was had. i am so proud of tricia finally getting her just dues (and i will want to read that review too!) .. also, pass along to tms , the show looks good from what i can see in the pix.

Kilian said...

Yo Bethany you can check out more pics from the show here