Sunday, October 30, 2005


For his halloween costume at the Select Media Festival Secret Halloween Party, the ageless Edmar (ne Marszewski) slicked his hair back, flashed his hairless Korean-Polish chest through black apparel, summoned a rock band complete with passionate yet sensitive fans, and dove straight in to "Meat is Murder" with great abandon. To put it in a word, glorious.
It's beyond me how Mr. Marszewski is able to scrap together a Smiths Tribute band from a bunch of boys who were born at least a good year after the Smiths first release and looked more likely to play Flying Burrito Brothers tunes (or surgeons in a Civil War movie).
Another delight last night was the demonic Alien act Aspic Tines who reminded us "Hurricanes! Earth Quakes, Tsunami! WATCH OUT!."
churchbus looked pure and wholesome next to this galactic romantic mess that was.

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Anonymous said...

we never played "meat is murder" actually...

I didn't know we looked that young.