Saturday, October 29, 2005

There's something in the basement...

Last night just under the all night bustle of the Fulton Meat Market District, Lozenge played an exuberant set violently steered by accordionist/moog-ist Kyle Bruckman while Kurt Johnson hammered in the foundation like a house being built top down.
Lozenge is at the tail end of a three week tour that from the sound of their band chatter had more snags and pitfalls than triumphs; nevertheless leaving them completely pumped to finish what their tour motto started "undoing America." Band commentary aside, Lozenge put on an excellent show absolutely tight and sporadic. The addition of Viennese Free Jazz artist, saxophonist, and longtime Lozenge associate, Boris Hauf was a pleasant surprise. I don't know if Boris was there for the entire tour but they played so well together that it's just not surprising they've been on the road for three weeks straight.
I told Kyle after the show how much Lozenge has been missed since the band (for all practical purposes) broke up on his move to the Bay Area. He said (and I could tell he meant it) that he missed it too. So I'd expect more shows from this noise rock monster outfit. But don't take any chances see them tonight at Enemy their last show...ever?
Check out their tunes (drill down from their discography page to the individual releases and find mp3 links).

Note: The photo on top was taken by Sandra Lima at the Prodigal Son in 2002 (although it looks surprisingly similar to the scene last night).

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