Friday, October 21, 2005

a note from Edmar

No turning back now.. Next up THE NEW CHICAGOANS

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Subject: No turning back now.. Next up THE NEW CHICAGOANS
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Select Media Festival opened up in the community of the Future, Bridgeport,
at the Hey Cadets!/Texas Ballroom complex on Archer Avenue last nite.
The performances by Soft Serve, It's a Trap, Warhammer48K, Jerusalem and the
Starbaskets, and Carpet of Sexy set the standards high for what we think
will be quite a nice frolic into a new experimental cultural diaspora.

Situated east of the White Sox, north of the haunted hogbutchering grounds,
south of I55 and west of McKinley Park, Bridgeport, the community of the
Future is yours to create.

We are staging Select Media Festival from the 2nd floor of a huge warehouse
called Iron Studios in the country's oldest industrial park. And tonite we
are unveiling the best group art exhibition this city has had all year.
We are not kidding. If you think we are wrong then we'll give you cab fair
back. Maybe.


The New Chicagoans
Friday October 21

Iron Studios
3636 Iron St 2nd floor
Reception 6pm
Performance program 8pm
$8 and $5 for students


The New Chicagoans
The New Chicagoans refers to a multiplicity of approaches by the vanguard of
the Chicago art communities. This group exhibition reveals the wide range of
approaches in contemporary art making in the city by emerging and
established practitioners.

Featuring: Brian Ulrich, Christine Tarkowski, Juan Chavez, Cody Hudson,
Chris Uphues, Rob Doran, Michael Merck, Joe Compean, Jackie Kilmer, John
Parot, Melina Ausikaitis, Duk Ju Kim, John Salhus, Victor Van Bramer,
Barbara Kasten, Nat Ward, Sighn, Ryan Davies, Nick Black, Jason Lazarus,
Greg Stimac, You Are Beautiful, Elisa Harkins, Carl Virgo, Al Burian, Al
Pocius, Andrew Wilson, Stephen Eichorn, Melinda Fries, Erin Foley, Michael
Genovese, Stephen Mathewson, Paul Nudd, and Dolan Geiman.

Show runs October 21 - November 13, 2005 Gallery Hours: 1pm-5pm Sat and Sun

6 pm: Opening
9pm Performances
Auk Theater Irene Moon (Lexington), Mudboy (Providence), Wizzards, Far Rad
Midnight: Fossil Fools Energy Dance Party
And the Electric Love DJ.

Performances at Iron Studios
Auk Theatre (Lexington, KY) is the recent project of Entomologist/noise
musician Irene Moon. Last time she was in Chicago Irene gave a strict,
verbose and addictive PowerPoint presentation about insects at buddY. Now,
in collaboration with comic illustrator and one time member of the band Hair
Police, Matt Minter, they will present noisy, short and simple Absurdist
theatre with only the best topics in consideration; shoes, cardboard, bats,
wine, shapes and murder.

Mudboy (from Providence RI) is the alter ego of Rafael Lyon, proprietor of
the cd-r label Free Matter for the Blind. Some famous dude had this to say
about his performance: "With a modified electric church organ and some field
recordings, Mudboy creates shimmering waves somewhere between Steve
Reich/Brian Eno and the Bulb Records universe."

Wizzards is a new band from Providence with Rich Porter (Bug-sized Mind) and
Brian Gibson (Lightning Bolt). Spell casting loudness... Wicked drumming-
lots of electronic freakout. Yes wizzards are wizzards...

Fossil Fools Energy Dance Party: Tom Hansell and Kristen Baumlier

Electric Love is the feeling of music.

From october 20 to november 13 we are making it happen.

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