Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Korean BBQ - a Sonic Tour

Sunday night a small group ventured to the outskirts of Chicago's Koreatown for BBQ. The meat, in our case thinly sliced boneless beef rib, was cooked on the table in built-in grills. Each table has a vent directly above the cooking area (this is the source of the swooshy hum in the audio). The Korean restaurants I'd been to previously had gas grills but Sunday at Kangnam we used coal which was delivered red hot in iron cauldrons. The meat was accompanied by many monkey dishes of condiments and sides. The majority of sides were variations of Korea's best known dish, brined cabbage (kimchee). We drank soju, an alcoholic drink distilled from rice and sweet potato. Our guide was Chicago artist, Duk J L Kim (informally Linda).

  1. What are we having? And have you ever heard of Bento? download mp3
  2. The Order. download mp3
  3. The Order translated. download mp3
  4. Food arrives. download mp3
  5. The meat sizzles. download mp3
  6. Has anybody been eating the minnows? download mp3
  7. Biofeel. download mp3

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