Wednesday, January 25, 2006


A Message from New York Night Train.  Check it out.

Howdy amigos,

Sorry I've been out of the loop of late - as you will see, I haven't
been sleeping much:

After way too many set-backs, Issue II of New York Night Train
is finally online in fairly complete
form tonight! The primary feature is the second half of the oral
history that I did with Kid Congo Powers dealing with all of his music
from Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds to the present. Inside you will find
Kid's oral histories in text and mp3 form, a comprehensive look at the
second part of Kid's discography, mp3s of rare, live, and unreleased
tracks, a historical tour of Kid's guitar equipment, lyrics to Kid
Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds songs, a profile on Kid's right-hand
man, Jack Martin (currently also of Cause for Applause and Dimestore
Dance Ensemble), and, the first installment of the Underground Rock
Cookbook, Kid's family enchilada recipe. I also left Part I up if you
want to read about The Cramps, the early Gun Club, etc.

Additionally, I added the Rock Star Reviews section in which Bill
Whitten from Grand Mal looks at Richard Hell's "Spurts" and Vietnam's
Ivan Sunshine reviews Gris Girs' "For the Season." There are more
reviews of up of Black Lips, Black Time, Mike Ladd, and re-issues by
Art Ensemble of Chicago and "No New York". I added a news section that
will be updated on a daily basis. Plus a live section which will
include NYC show listings and recommendations. The Show of the Week is
Gang Gang Dance, Black Dice, and Bill Cosby and His White Pudding Pops
at Syrup Room on Saturday.

In other good news, thanks to this crazy web project, I'm officially in
the record business now as I'm selling Kid Congo Powers' SOLO CHOLO
online. And, once I get my copies of Grand Mal's "Love is the Best Con
In Town" and The Pink Monkey Birds "Philosophy and Underwear" (next
month), I will start distributing all three - which is timely because,
for those of you in or going to Texas, I have a South by Southwest
Showcase for the label and should know the exact date, place and
line-up soon.

So check out my web site and take care of yourselves.


PS - Oh yeah, please forward this around.

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