Monday, January 16, 2006

New Track du Jour - New Town Drunks

Artist: New Town Drunks
Track: Not Far Enuff
Location: Cat's Cradle (Carrboro, NC)
Date: 12-29-2005
Comment: Roberto Cofresi wrote this song in the late 90's and played it with Texas Guinness Lovers for a few years. It became a TGL favorite even after Roberto and his gal Diane Koistenin left the fine State of Texas for new horizons. They eventually wound up in Chapel Hill, North Carolina where they started New Town Drunks, apparently harnessing the nickname they'd already been given at their favorite watering hole, the Cave. They may be the New Town Drunks but they're town favorites too. Hell, they even have a drink special named after them. One I have a might taste for right now. Anyway TGL and NTD played New Year's Eve gigs and both bands played "Not Far Enuff." We tried to make it a simultaneous continental feel-good experience, however playing in different time zones can make that difficult. This version may find its way to an NTD Live CD soon.

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