Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Too much fun in the sun

Holy Briskets that was a mighty fine trip through Texas. I'm gonna keep this short because to get all the good reminiscences in would take too long. Let it be known that churchbus' love affair with Texas has begun. The boys on the bus had never been before and I think y'all blew their minds.

To All you Huge Town Lovers, you are amazing and you know who you are. To all you Austin Freakies keep on keeping on.

I leave you now with some pics to speak more than a thousand words. Oh and Happy Birthday Brother Purdell and Brother Delgado. You guys threw the most memorable birthday bashes I've ever attended.


Bill said...

Hot damn and hallelujah! That was a new year's for the record books, boys.
Looking forward to Churchbus rolling back to Tejas soon...

bethany said...

makes this girl a little lonely for hugetown. especially that pic of tms & mp..