Friday, February 24, 2006

Nadine's Birfday Bash

Nadine Rossignol is the sort of fan every musician wants. She absolutely loves going to see bands and when she likes a band she tells all her friends about them and roots for them every step of the way, always expecting and seeing greatness. And when she throws a party, you can count on some good rock and roll. That's what is going down this Saturday at Cal's Liquors where friends (hopefully no more than 50-60, she's worried about that) will be wishing Ms. Rossignol a happy birthday.

Nadine's no stranger to the business although she is no longer in the biz so to speak. Her glory days as a college radio manager in Connecticut (WFCS/WESU) are behind her, as are her days booking bands which she also did in CT night clubs - Nightshift, Moon Grotto. She'll still occasionally help a band out here and there, bless her heart, but her days as a band manager (the Dispossessed) are also a thing of the past. And she doesn't run a fanzine any more (Subterranean) nor is she an editor for Chord magazine. But she's still full of energy and fun and something tells me her best days are still in front of her.

"I was a big fish in a small pond is all. Just in the right place at the right time. All it is about is lots of good stories to tell." That's right Nadine, it's all about good stories to tell. Happy Birthday, girl.

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