Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Tonight, Friday Night and Sunday Night

Tonight: Devin Davis plays the Hideout. Check out the Chicago Reader article linked to his name. Interesting fellow who I checked out on emusic over a year ago and I didn't realize that he's here in Chicago. He's done some engineering work around town including work with Kyle Bruckman's Wrack. Now he's an indie star on his own. Mr. Davis playing every Wednesday in February. Tonight he has a full band.

Friday Night: I'll be recording the 14TH ANNUAL PERFORMANCE ART CELEBRATION. According to one of the founders, Jeff Harms - the name is somewhat arbitrary, but there will be performance art and Music. It will be at 8pm on Feb 17th. At the South Union Arts Building 1352 S. Union Ave. One small block east of Halsted and 14th. It is an old church built in 1860 and is complete with a neon crucifix and a baptismal font. Its an amazing space. (Hotel Brotherhood, who are mixing at the disclexington sunken monastery studio tonight, will be playing probably around 9:30)

Sunday Night: Robbie Fulks hosts another performance in his terrific Secret Country Series at the Old Town School of Folk Music Lincoln Avenue Concert Hall. This week its Guy Clark and Terry Allen. I'm not much of a Guy Clark fan but that might just be ignorance. We'll see. I do love Terry Allen thanks to my old buddy Andy Walker. I first heard about Mr. Allen when I was living in Houston. I was complaining to Andy about how much you hear the word "Texas" in songs on the local public radio station, like it's some kind of magic word that will get you on the radio. The word lost all power. Andy agreed and mentioned some lyrics by Terry Allen that were funny yet poignant so I checked out more of his stuff and fell in love.

I don't wear no Stetson
But I'm willin to bet son
That I'm a big a Texan as you are
'CauseThere's a girl in her barefeet
'Sleep on the back seat
An that trunk is full of Pearl…
and Lone Star

Amarillo Highway - Terry Allen


bethany said...

golly k, glad to hear i'm not the only one who gets in an art funk sometimes. it's like a huge rotten pimple, feels GOOD to pop it and squeeze every last bit out. afterwards i feel a bit euphoric. it happened recently, and i really, no REALLY, missed my art studio to get real messy in.

Kilian said...

Yeah, it wasn't even an art funk it was a regular funk and art helped me out of it.

Keep your fingers crossed, I hope to be playing the Small Music Theatre when we come visit.