Sunday, May 07, 2006

churchbus in Texas May 12th and 13th (Austin / Houston)

churchbus is playing Friday night May 12th in Austin, TX at Room 710 with Loudest Boom Bah Yea and Golden Arm Trio.

Check out LBBY's Four Part Suite "For the Ladies" linked above. LBBY is an Austin based pop drum duo. Combine them with Golden Arm Trio's piano/drum pirouette and you got a showdown to match Krupa/Rich.

Golden Arm Trio recently scored a Richard Linklater/Keanu Reeves/Philip K. Dick/Robert Downy Jr/Winona Rider film. Damn!

churchbus plays the middle slot. This is gonna be a hot night, you betcha.

Then come down to Houston for the 19th Annual Everyones Art Car Parade and Festival. You can drive the churchbus because we'll be dead tired by then.
Saturday night May 13th churchbus helps Bright Men of Learning celebrate their CD Release at the Proletariat. Opening is Hotel Brotherhood, also from Chicago. Come out early and check them out - good, good folks (and I'm playing bass for this show, Chris Erin also with churchbus will play some trumpet too).

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Ramon Medina - LP4 said...

Looking forward to the Proletariat show on Saturday. I'll be there with bells on. : )

Ramon Medina - LP4 said...

Well since blogger doesn't let me post an IMG tag. Here is a link to the poster for Saturday's show.

Kilian said...

Thanks Ramon - your link didn't work for me. I put the flyer up on disclexington too.

Ramon Medina - LP4 said...

From John Lomax's Racket Column May 11th 2006

Churchbus, the new band for former de Schmogster/Texas Guinness Lover Kilian Sweeney, traces their pedigree a generation or two deeper than the Bright Men, all the way back to Sun Studios and various crazed Pentecostal preachers. The Chicago-based group (and thus not eligible for the Music Awards, but what the hell) is most distinctly twangy -- slide guitar licks, exaggeratedly Southern accents, admittedly bastardized Doug Sahm covers -- but there are also trumpets up in the mix and the Irish tinges you'd expect from a band fronted by a guy named Kilian Sweeney. (The band's surreal "Three Short Years" reminds me of an Irish cowboy answer to the Butthole Surfers' "Moving to Florida," for some reason.)

Kilian said...

Thanks for posting that Ramon - it's really cool!