Friday, May 19, 2006

a Message to you Pretty: Opening Tonight

Rodrigo Avila's studio has been down on 18th Street for several months now but he has just recently turned it into a gallery. It's a one room event with the Pilsen public culture as a pleasant distraction. Surprisingly with such limited space Rodrigo has chosen to have group shows which meant for the last one that each artist showed only one piece. It didn't take long to see the whole show and the work was varied and good . Across the street was a larger one-man opening and down the street is the Jumping Bean which displays art prominantly and serves a good cup of jo. All of this means if you can make it down to Pilsen tonight you can hang with some good folks and see some good art. I've seen Olivia Ortega and Julie Smith's work and they are both well worth a peek. If you've got the money, I think you'd do well to pick something up.

Check out Rodrigo's blog for more images and details.

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