Monday, May 29, 2006 us with your house

If pictures really do say a thousands words then Diane and Roberto are having the time of their lives over in Chapel Hill, NC. It looks like they are fitting in nicely amongst the East Coast hillbillies too. Maybe they have found a happy home.

Their home for the next four nights is not in Chapel Hill though, it's our pad. That's because the crazy Puerto Rican and his Detroit mistress are bringing their show, New Town Drunks, to Chicago to record at Sunken Monastery Studios (aka my basement) and play a show with churchbus. Apparently they are bringing their North Carolina weather with them. Roberto never could stand the cold (so why they moved to Queens from Houston is still a mystery).

It's hotter than a two peckered billie goat in heat over here in Chicago. That's taken us by surprise - we don't stick in the window units until mid-July. Anyway NTD should feel right at home. They should be showin' up 'round supper time.

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