Thursday, May 18, 2006

New Track du Jour

Artist: de Schmog
Track: Speeding Motorcycle
Location: Houston - Rudyard's Pub
Date: 05-18-2006
Comment: In honor of Houston's Infernal Bridegroom Productions upcoming musical Speeding Motorcycle, I reluctantly give you this live track from a de Schmog show in 2003. Reluctantly I say because this show goes down as THE drunkest I've ever been on stage and I said a lot of stupid stuff. At one point I said "alfohol." Classic. Anyway, as many Texans do, Diane came back from Chapel Hill, NC with a new respect for hometown heroes. She wanted to play a Daniel Johnston song and as luck would have it, we played the song now memorialized in a musical. Enjoy. And P.S. this goes down in our non-linear Lexington Street review since de Schmog spent several years on Lexington rehearsing, living and being stupid.

click below to listen (requires FLASH)...
track du jour

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