Thursday, September 21, 2006

Bring on The Rage! One for Justin

Mr. Crane recently helped BMW get the word out that investing in one of their cars is as sound an opportunity as adding to your 401(k) or your IRA. I am grateful. In fact when I shelled out almost a grand for repairs on my own German-made vehicle just earlier this week, Mr. Crane's post allowed me to do it with confidence.

In return I give you this gem recently erected at the southeastern gateway to Chicago's West Side, an impoverished Black neighborhood notorious for drug and domestic violence. Why just a year or so back, the Chicago Police Department installed Robocop-like video cameras on the very same street in an effort to reduce drug crimes and to stop the neighborhood kids from hosting impromptu gin & juice parties in the public parks, parties that often turned into bang bang shoot 'em up mayhem. That makes this Roosevelt Avenue signage double-plus-good.

Rage! It's what this vulnerable young lady offers you. Bring it on. Rage!!!


ampm said...

holy highwater! what was wrong with the car afterall???
btw-rage. sort of an anti-"you can do it!" billboard, eh? that conversation inspired me to make stencils with similar upbeat messages and put them on the sidewalks in the more tonier neighborhoods in my town. How about, "if you can think it, you can own it!"?
have a drink at the skylark for me...or bernice and john's

Kilian said...

Oh lots of things wrong with the car, where to begin?

Yes! To motivational sidewalk commentary for the wealthy. How about "There's a pill for that!"

I'll have one at each. We went to a karaoke place on the northwest side last night for Bob's going away party. It was a very "only in America" experience including my argument with another party guest that dancing to karaoke is perfectly acceptable and her view didn't count anyway because she thought the movie Bubba Ho-Tep was bad.