Sunday, September 03, 2006

New Track du Jour

Track: the Whistler
Location: El Goodo Audio (Chicago,IL)
Date: 09-17-2006
Comment: Allow me some self-indulgence. Hell what am I saying, you're gonna have to allow me a lot of self-indulgence if you're looking at this site. Anyway here's one more from THE LATEST's new self-titled release on Bob Taylor's Recent Records. This track features Mike Fitzpatrick on vox. Mike's having his own musical glory dance these days as a main contributer to two hot garage bands here in Chicago, Headache City and Cococoma. But for a little while anyway THE LATEST got him too. Unfortunately we are seeing the last of THE LATEST in this form anyway. Frontman Bob Taylor is leaving for the past and future pastures of Austin Texas this Fall.

THE LATEST plays its last show at Cal's on Sunday September 17th with the most excellent Submarine Races. Come out, it'll be a blast.

Email me if you want a CD - it's really good and I can hook you up.
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