Sunday, September 10, 2006

Optiganally Yours

I unwittingly had a late night dinner with somebody I've long wanted to meet. You see, when I first moved to Chicago five years ago the Lozenge crew turned me on to a hilarious video by a San Diego outfit called Optiganally Yours which featured Rob Crow now of Pinback. We laughed so hard at this video we almost collectively pissed ourselves. Anyway, after the festival last night we went out with our weekend house guests, fellow former-Houstonians Ann Panopio and her friend Aaron. We hooked up with Rob Crow, a guy performing with the Blackheart Procession and some other friends. I sat next to Rob and watched him order an incredible amount of food which he generously shared with everyone. It was one of the most refreshingly funny conversations I have had in a long time. Not just with Rob either, the whole table was hilarious. I didn't even know at the time who I was eating with. It's a good thing I didn't say anything derogatory about today's TnG events either since both Pinback and the Blackheart Procession played.

Anyway, without further ado here's Optiganally Yours homemade video Mr. Wilson (probably done in the mid-90's but I'm not sure). I remember we watched this on video. I'm glad somebody took the time to transfer this to the net.

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beeps and clicks said...

thanks for making my day! anyone who pays homage to sheild & yarnell, the cap'n & tenille, gallagher AND the unknown comic--all in under 5 minutes--is a-ok in my book!