Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Last LATEST Show - an inside review

It was a fine send off for ol' Bob Taylor Sunday night. The bands played great. The crowd was full of friends. The bartenders were kept busy. Thanks all for coming out. [[sniff]]

Pictures below by Tricia

Headache City's Dave Head

Ha ha Cameron and Carol like Pabst

Headache City's Lisa Roe (she like Pabst too so duz that big scary guy behind her)

Submarine Races!


Our Beautiful Peepul

Bob attempts to stare down an unaware Philip Montoro

El Goodo Audio in the House (them likes Pabst)

Pabst Liking THE LATEST

Lead Guitarists Rock! Don't We Now???


amp said...

looks like i missed a good time.

Kilian said...

Sure but we got a great visit in. Very nice to spend so much time with you. I would really like to get to the Bay Area and hang with all my good peeples therein.