Wednesday, August 17, 2005


How many nights this week can a member of THE LATEST perform? Sunday night, Tuesday night, Wednesday night...Keith? You playing this week?

Cococoma is Bill and Lisa Roe but you can stop the comparisons to the White Stripes right there pal. They're more like the Flat Duo Jets (I think). And they rock. And they make T-shirts. And, as a couple they are infatuated with keeping the beat for Mike Fitzpatrick. Tonight at Cal's - they're second...or maybe third.

Also tonight - the release of Galactic Zoo Dossier #6 at the Empty Bottle. Here's an excerpt from "the Of Mirror Eye" Review...

The magazine combines the twin loves of Platic Crimewave, Psychedelic music and Psychedelic music. The magazine is beautiful, with about 90% of the magazine both hand illustrated and hand written. This is certainly a labor intensive effort, but also most certainly results in one of the most distinctive looking magazines out there.

Sounds pretty good and the zine comes with 2 CD's. You can check out some of the tunes here.

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