Monday, August 15, 2005

Well that was fun...

We had a surprise opener last night, Lil Isaac and the Dirty Stank, which made it a very well rounded show indeed.  How's this for a line up: Chicago Blues played by a "House of Blues" bartender and a punk rock/bike messenger bar owner; Austin skah-prog-klezmer-zappa-rock played by Texans in orange jumpsuits; Twangiabilly rock-n-roll played by Aussie hillbillies; and finally the loudest THE LATEST show ever to ensure that everybody's ears would be ringing into September.
This show was well attended and a lot of fun.  Thanks to everybody who made it out on a Sunday night, a life-sized statue is being made in your honor.  Um, except the boat-dwelling Irish dude in the Steve Irwin outfit.  You could have stayed on your boat.  And Cameron was a bad dog too, but that's okay - as he lamented on Gator's big shoulders around 3 AM "what is a boy to do!?!"
Alright, three hips for Cococoma Bill on drums for THE LATEST.  His first show was a big success.  A bass drum the size of an above-ground swimming pool is just what the latest needed to support their guitar troika madness.

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