Thursday, August 25, 2005

Poppa Neutrino gives us a shout

A week back I put up a new track du jour and let the Floating Neutrinos know the song was in the Poppa's honor. Yesterday we got word from the Neutrino Patriarch (as well as Capt'n Betsy, his wife).

From Poppa Neutrino:

what an honor. thank you so much. I am unable at this time to
access the song as i am living in a twelve foot dory in provincetown, mass
waiting untill the heat goes down in baja california and i can return to my
raft, the Island Rooster. and continue my journey across the pacific. It will
probably be the middle of october when i return. once agian, thank you so much,
Poppa Neutrino

We wished him good luck and offered to send him the song on disk but we haven't heard back as to which 12' dory he is on. I think I might simply address it to Poppa Neutrino 12' Dory Provincetown, MA.

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